What’s Lithium – a brief differentiation 

Lithium Orotate, a Sun element, is a natural helper with depression. See here:


The substance is not as the chemical, which requires medical prescription and supervision. Here is especially, why, if you have but little control over your medicating habit, you should not, or only under strict supervision opt for treating any of your psychic conditions with Lithium.
The following is about the chemical medical use of the metal Lithium mostly in reference with the diagnoses manic-depression or bipolar disorder.

Please regard this information if you happen to be prescribed Lithium by your psychiatrist:
The dirty secret of lithium is that no two preparations are equivalent, and that the serum level can mean many different things. Some research from 1994 says that lithium pills from different pharactical companies can have totally different bioavailability:


Bioavailability refers to the fraction of the ingested dose that reaches the blood stream. It can sometimes also refer to the rate at which the bioavailable dose reaches the blood stream. For example, one extended release pill might have a fairly flat time versus serum level curve. An imeadiate release pill might have a very peaked curve, reminicient of the exponential decay curve. Another immeadiate release pill might be between those two extremes. All of this means that the bioavailability of the pills, the rate at which the serum level changes, and the time at which the serum level is taken, can influence the lithium blood test.

Many thanks to the source. 


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