Squatting in Amsterdam banned 

Squatting in the Netherlands became big in the 80s, when a serious lack of housing caused young people to move into abandoned buildings. For almost 15 years the squatters movement in Amsterdam flourished, setting up artist workplaces, stages for performing artists and organising alternative events. Until last year. On October 1st 2010 the new law ‘Kraken en Leegstand’ came into existence. Some of the squatter collectives turned to the court to secure their rights. The judge decided that no house can be evicted without interference of a judge.

Source: http://www.whatsupwithamsterdam.com/amsterdam-squats


added by Fabijenna: the art of squatting …


Fabijenna squatting in 2007: 

I squatted in December 2007 with my daughter in Berlin, two stories below the flat I used to live in as a communication student. I broke through the door easily and lay down on a door that was isolated with a thick carpet, so I did not freeze in spite of the cold, the temperature was below minus three Celsius. Before I entered I bought some delicious grapes at the store on the corner. I lit three tea candles which spent warmth. I cleaned the place and slept there three nights, when the tenant of my student flat invited me and my daughter KINDLY into her home.

Fabijenna squatting in 2016: 

I squatted in the tools hut in February in the house I used to live in ’13-’15. You could say I was a returning ghost, but I enjoyed the safety of knowing where I was and the love I got back from the place, hard to describe, but my connection with the trees, bushes, neighborhood, forest, even the walls. I can fall in love with places and the first few nights I felt Heavens Guest, at home and safe.

We shouldn’t have moved away in the first place. A relationship changed and all of us had to be very strong. I got up every morning when the light broke through the misty morning and went to the forest to celebrate my morning cat wash, then left for my daily business.

Exciting about those days were that personally, I had no home while I felt that I existed only as much as I lived in the moment.

Every day I tried my best to obtain the security WITHIN myself that I would be safe another night. This lasted two weeks. Then it was over, work has been done. I left the place with prayers of utter gratitude. 

I did not use but the ground and left everything untouched.

Squat! It’s good for your health, your stealth and your legal safety – if buildings are used, the ghosts are cheered, money is saved, less is being spent, more is being re-built, kept alive, cherished, connected, detected, hugged, loved.


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