Finding your spirit guide

There are many ways to find your’s guide, just a dream about animals who them stay with them thought you can check your dreams whether in the background of scenes or close to you or in some other forms or shapes..

you meet animals

If you’re not afraid of animals, you will find them, so they are already looking out for you for your recognition of their helping power.

If you’re not afraid of them, you will find them soon. They are already probably looking out for you – for your recognition.

And then there are techniques to invite your special spirit guides.

Sit down in a circle of stones. Built by your hands, or imagined, visualized.

A circle can be built or imagined or visualized.

Imagine a stone that is lit by the sun light on this or they warm and inviting your spirits and he might ask them to sits down on this sunlit stone near you.

As soon as your spirit animal arrives, start with asking them, whether they are your spirit animal, and ready to guide you where you wish to journey.

If they agree, thank them and strengthen your connection as long as you go. They stay with you a lifetime, as you wish.

For a deeper understanding and work with spirit guides see also: 


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