Don’t just pretend but act unmedication

1. The economics of emotions
Depression itself already is a costly, expensive response to an uneconomic system which has attached itself too firmly to entertainment rather than understanding the needed attention for suppressed feelings.

Feelings (also depression) need a lot of nervous energy to build up and maintain and are useful and support life.

While a system that is playing around with the system of individuals, aggression is a natural response.

I wonder how some can believe in something that translates to me as “if you allow yourself to be sad, you will ultimately become a monster and only cause harm to others and on top of it you will be judged and punished”.

Sadness and anger are feelings and are not the necessarily reason one for one another.

Statistics are sensible data to deal with care and are not to be used like a trashbin of journalism to throw stuff out in numbers and relations that we otherwise have no use for, it’s the very processor of our piece and if i don’t know what it’s made of or at least know where it comes from, i’ll entertain my readers business inadequately.

Don’t just medicate, if your condition does not require poison – medicate if you can definitely deal with tremendous amounts of pain / violent thoughts and feelings. Find and ask a doc you trust if feeling that you can’t cope.

2. Leave us alone

The way mainstream media deals with the topic of illness related violence is nowhere yet close to anything that I would call real

I like to read almost every bit of the magazine Die Zeit ever since my passion rose around 2003 for their news selection, the mix of being close to humans and everyday sensitive topics of mainly extraordinary people – in my view – and their clear, plain and their reader-friendly language that keeps me reading till the end.

Here is an example of exception, however, in Die Zeit 32/2016) how even such an extraordinarily well researching magazine seems blind or is blinded by wrong sources or too poisoned to give valid information on one of the emerging crucial reasons of violence of our time:

In four columns a whole lot of pretty but useless (thus boring) statistics only kept me struggling with my urge to skip the whole article, as I searched for the clue, that most don’t even bring into the noncausal correlation between violence and (deep and dark) sadness, diagnosed depression.

Finally, fifth column mentiones it … “…”

Not these – so called – depressions – which is in most cases are a healthy and natural response and passes if understood – is making people aggressive, rather the medication, that we also need to understand as highly uneconomic. 


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