Anger and expression

Whatever you do, do wish according to your real wishes, you can get in touch with them if you envision yourself as a little kid. Practice wishing. Practice feeling and understanding when your wishes get fulfilled. It’s a hard business anyway, so try and do your best! That’s what you are here for. 

Whoever tells you that you are ugly, so know, and reassure yourself of that you aren’t. You are beautiful and you can have beautiful wishes.

When I was younger, I realized that when I was angry I could think of bad words and even send these away which worked best when I simultaneously “made” another catch these thoughts with my thoughts connecting visions of them.

Many, especially those who are in the situation not having full charge of their mind and can’t control what enters their senses, will easily happen to fall in this trap from time to time as of wishing bad over others… 😥

This however has only the power only to drag the wisher, deeper down.

So if you feel angry about someone, wish only good upon them
Wish only that they may heal, and, they may find their own way and may leave you alone in peace.

For some, anger is yet too overwhelming to think nice thoughts when you couldn’t express or -much better – explain your anger…

Try under any circumstances some more creative ways of punishment, if you feel dragged to feel anger about an other.

(Dont wish them harm upon body, spirit and soul in any case or situation! You can keep that in control!) 

A very common way is to start working with good or better thoughts is…

1) imagine as their dearest belongings disappear three meters under the surface of Earth (they will only have to dive into their own psyches to find it, if you would really have the power)

2) imagine them locked to the toilet, wanting to sh.t, but as long as they can’t let go (of you or of compromising your needs) they have to sit as long as they have learned, and you can even watch them as they just sit around… 

3) please ask your higher Powers to take away your habits of harmful wishing. In some cases, if these people really may have caused you harm, on unconscious level, not because they wanted to, and you could be able to give them a lethal command. Most probably a “sorry” from them, or their genuine insight would serve your needs much better, isn’t it?

Wishing someone to die is killing. 😥

Realize that and wish for good things, and wish for yourself, thank others to have made you the person you are today with all you like or dislike about yourself or your life.

Others just do their best, you don’t know how hard it might be for them to do whatever they did just what Eber they die for or “against” your wishes.

Imagine how hard it would be for you from time to time, if all those people would not have had “come along” and you would have had to build your entire life all by yourself, with no help or the love of others. 

Are you really ready for that?

Not, if you need to think of harming, then probably they are here, angels in disguise to teach you to love.

If you keep wishing people death, that’s a place, you might seek to experience, unconsciously.

That is why it is so important ONLY, what you yourself really wish to experience.

Love yourself and wish good upon yourself, only and always,




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