Was nicht passt, wird passend gemacht (Meinung)

Erstaunlicher Irrtum der Psychiatrie ergibt sich durch ihren extremen Substanzmissbrauch. Fast ausnahmslos sind Patienten Süchtige, deren Sucht bis in die Unkenntlichkeit entstellt und verdeckt und verschlimmert wird. Danach ist der Patient ausreichend verwirrt. Dann erst kann die Psychiatrie ihre Systemherrschaft am willenlos gemachten Subjekt beginnen und den einzelnen dazu benutzen, für die Interessen der Institution zu leben. 

Das funktioniert genau deshalb, weil der Mensch beginnt, eine nach der anderen auf seine vorherigen Süchte zurückzufallen, sobald die alles dämpfenden Psychopharmaka reduziert oder weggelassen werden.

Warum und wie dramatisch das für jemanden ist, wird klar wenn wir uns jemanden vorstellen, dem nichts über seine Sucht erzählt wurde, dem nicht gesagt wurde, dass seine Sucht die Ursache seiner Probleme und seine Krankheit ausmacht, sondern für dessen Leid Phantasienamen aus der Trickkiste der Psychiatrie gegeben wurden.

So funktioniert leider unsere Gesellschaft, wir brauchen immer stärkere, wirkungsvollere Gifte um mit den wenigen Dingen fertig zu werden, die uns als Menschen ausmachen.

Dem liegt leider zugrunde, dass wir uns gegenseitig unsere Genesung nicht gönnen und uns gegenseitig therapieren möchten, anstatt uns auf uns selbst zu besinnen und Hilfe durch Selbsthilfe leisten.

Dabei bliebt häufig die einfache verbale Konfrontation mit Inhalten wie “Krankheit” und “Sucht” abstrakt.

Besonders abstrakt ist es in einer Therapie Menschen “Suchttyp” zu definieren, dennoch von einem Besuch der entsprechenden Selbsthilfegruppen abzuraten, wie durch klassische Ärztearroganz häufig geschieht.

Diese Erkenntnis mag Kreisen profitorientierter Ärzte und Therapeuten trotzen, dennoch sind Gruppen und andere auf Prinzipien des Mitgefühls basierende Communities das einzige, was Süchtigen dauerhaft hilft zu genesen. Dabei machen viele nebenher erfolgreich Therapien, um sich mit einzelnen, spezifischen Persönlichkeitsaspekten auseinanderzusetzen. Niemals habe ich gehört, dass Gruppenmitgliedern geraten wird,  Therapien zu vernachlässigen oder abzubrechen, um nur noch Hilfe durch die Schritte-Gruppen zu finden.

Noncompliance und Widerstand zur Therapie wird von solchen Fachleuten als “Krankheit” gewertet und es wird munter weiter therapiert. Ob auf das therapeutische Beziehungsangebot lediglich formal durch Anwesenheit, nicht aber nicht real reagiert wird, scheint nicht nur nichts auszumachen. Es entsteht der Eindruck, dass dies sogar erwünscht ist, dem eigenen Selbsthilfepotential der Patienten wird mit niederschmetternder Arroganz begegnet. 

Für Individualität ist schließlich kein Bedarf in der Industrie der Abhängigkeiten.

Anger and expression

Whatever you do, do wish according to your real wishes, you can get in touch with them if you envision yourself as a little kid. Practice wishing. Practice feeling and understanding when your wishes get fulfilled. It’s a hard business anyway, so try and do your best! That’s what you are here for. 

Whoever tells you that you are ugly, so know, and reassure yourself of that you aren’t. You are beautiful and you can have beautiful wishes.

When I was younger, I realized that when I was angry I could think of bad words and even send these away which worked best when I simultaneously “made” another catch these thoughts with my thoughts connecting visions of them.

Many, especially those who are in the situation not having full charge of their mind and can’t control what enters their senses, will easily happen to fall in this trap from time to time as of wishing bad over others… 😥

This however has only the power only to drag the wisher, deeper down.

So if you feel angry about someone, wish only good upon them
Wish only that they may heal, and, they may find their own way and may leave you alone in peace.

For some, anger is yet too overwhelming to think nice thoughts when you couldn’t express or -much better – explain your anger…

Try under any circumstances some more creative ways of punishment, if you feel dragged to feel anger about an other.

(Dont wish them harm upon body, spirit and soul in any case or situation! You can keep that in control!) 

A very common way is to start working with good or better thoughts is…

1) imagine as their dearest belongings disappear three meters under the surface of Earth (they will only have to dive into their own psyches to find it, if you would really have the power)

2) imagine them locked to the toilet, wanting to sh.t, but as long as they can’t let go (of you or of compromising your needs) they have to sit as long as they have learned, and you can even watch them as they just sit around… 

3) please ask your higher Powers to take away your habits of harmful wishing. In some cases, if these people really may have caused you harm, on unconscious level, not because they wanted to, and you could be able to give them a lethal command. Most probably a “sorry” from them, or their genuine insight would serve your needs much better, isn’t it?

Wishing someone to die is killing. 😥

Realize that and wish for good things, and wish for yourself, thank others to have made you the person you are today with all you like or dislike about yourself or your life.

Others just do their best, you don’t know how hard it might be for them to do whatever they did just what Eber they die for or “against” your wishes.

Imagine how hard it would be for you from time to time, if all those people would not have had “come along” and you would have had to build your entire life all by yourself, with no help or the love of others. 

Are you really ready for that?

Not, if you need to think of harming, then probably they are here, angels in disguise to teach you to love.

If you keep wishing people death, that’s a place, you might seek to experience, unconsciously.

That is why it is so important ONLY, what you yourself really wish to experience.

Love yourself and wish good upon yourself, only and always,



Don’t just pretend but act unmedication

1. The economics of emotions
Depression itself already is a costly, expensive response to an uneconomic system which has attached itself too firmly to entertainment rather than understanding the needed attention for suppressed feelings.

Feelings (also depression) need a lot of nervous energy to build up and maintain and are useful and support life.

While a system that is playing around with the system of individuals, aggression is a natural response.

I wonder how some can believe in something that translates to me as “if you allow yourself to be sad, you will ultimately become a monster and only cause harm to others and on top of it you will be judged and punished”.

Sadness and anger are feelings and are not the necessarily reason one for one another.

Statistics are sensible data to deal with care and are not to be used like a trashbin of journalism to throw stuff out in numbers and relations that we otherwise have no use for, it’s the very processor of our piece and if i don’t know what it’s made of or at least know where it comes from, i’ll entertain my readers business inadequately.

Don’t just medicate, if your condition does not require poison – medicate if you can definitely deal with tremendous amounts of pain / violent thoughts and feelings. Find and ask a doc you trust if feeling that you can’t cope.

2. Leave us alone

The way mainstream media deals with the topic of illness related violence is nowhere yet close to anything that I would call real

I like to read almost every bit of the magazine Die Zeit ever since my passion rose around 2003 for their news selection, the mix of being close to humans and everyday sensitive topics of mainly extraordinary people – in my view – and their clear, plain and their reader-friendly language that keeps me reading till the end.

Here is an example of exception, however, in Die Zeit 32/2016) how even such an extraordinarily well researching magazine seems blind or is blinded by wrong sources or too poisoned to give valid information on one of the emerging crucial reasons of violence of our time:

In four columns a whole lot of pretty but useless (thus boring) statistics only kept me struggling with my urge to skip the whole article, as I searched for the clue, that most don’t even bring into the noncausal correlation between violence and (deep and dark) sadness, diagnosed depression.

Finally, fifth column mentiones it … “…”

Not these – so called – depressions – which is in most cases are a healthy and natural response and passes if understood – is making people aggressive, rather the medication, that we also need to understand as highly uneconomic. 

Sad outlooks on Americas future

Wizard M.Moore, writer of Stupid white men shares sad outlooks on the outcomes of the US election so far.


If you read through Moore’s words, the reasons we are heading again for a politics of smoke and panics, lie for a good part in the setting of the election, where electors are often accidentally, presented with unexpected playground, are driven to give rise to a government, just to continue changing nothing.

Election happens nonstop, voting is a show

Fabijenna.org aus Die Zeit
Fabijenna.org aus Die Zeit

Fabijenna.org aus Die Zeit
Fabijenna.org aus Die Zeit

Finding your spirit guide

Finding your spirit guide

There are many ways to find your’s guide, just a dream about animals who them stay with them thought you can check your dreams whether in the background of scenes or close to you or in some other forms or shapes..

you meet animals

If you’re not afraid of animals, you will find them, so they are already looking out for you for your recognition of their helping power.

If you’re not afraid of them, you will find them soon. They are already probably looking out for you – for your recognition.

And then there are techniques to invite your special spirit guides.

Sit down in a circle of stones. Built by your hands, or imagined, visualized.

A circle can be built or imagined or visualized.

Imagine a stone that is lit by the sun light on this or they warm and inviting your spirits and he might ask them to sits down on this sunlit stone near you.

As soon as your spirit animal arrives, start with asking them, whether they are your spirit animal, and ready to guide you where you wish to journey.

If they agree, thank them and strengthen your connection as long as you go. They stay with you a lifetime, as you wish.

For a deeper understanding and work with spirit guides see also: